Part-time evening (live or online) Tuition:£495

(£445 if paid in full by 1st July 2020).

Free T shirt with all applications (if we have correct size)

Full-time day Tuition:£1850

(£1750 if paid in full by 1st July 2020)

Free T shirt with all applications (if we have correct size)


These are paid for individually and all the information can be found on the CSSM module page of the website. None of the following information applies to modules.

Application Fee:

Evening Application fee: £50 (applied to your fees once accepted).

Daytime application fee: £100 (applied to your fees once accepted)

Other information on costs:

The rest of the fees are to be paid by the start of school in September.

Payment plans to spread the costs are available upon request and dependant on circumstances. Discount available for multiple applicants from the same household.

If you recommend a friend and they apply for full or part-time courses and are accepted a £45 reduction will be placed against your fees for evening or £100 of daytime fees.

Fees have to be paid by 1st December 2020 apart from special circumstances and with prior agreement.

Missing payments will mean suspension or removal from the school.

If you are interested in day school and are experiencing hardship please contact us about how we can help

Please note, tuition does not include the cost of books or outside mission trips.

All fees are non-refundable.

T-Shirts and Baseball caps

These are all available with the CSSM Logo on, ask when you apply! Or look at the store on