Students every year enjoy mission trips. Priority is given to full and part-time students. We partner with many organisations around the world to make these trips happen. These trips help you to:-

  • Put into action all that you have learned over the year at CSSM
  • Stretch your faith in new ways
  • Grow your understanding of the Kingdom of God

Please note the cost of mission trips is not included in the fees.

Due to the Pandemic we have not been able to do mission trips in 2020/21.

London 2018/2019

Testimony from a Juile a student  – we have a privilege of praying over the houses of parliament, we got the chance to minister to some Muslim ladies in a mosque and taking the presence of God there. We moved in the Holy Spirit as we ministered in Canning town church and I got a new insight into what church can look like!

Testimony from Kim one of our students  – When I was at the church we were encouraged before hand to ask for words of knowledge to share, I didn’t have anything but during the service God gave me a picture for someone, I asked him what that meant and he told me, I shared it with the person who also asked me to pray for her as she had been asking God for something. She said it was answered in my prayer, also shared it with the pastor which he said was spot on for them and encouraging for me, the same word I gave was later prophesied over them from someone else, i have had pictures before but never asked God what the picture meant, it’s really built up my confidence to step up and step out with this.


It was a joy to partner with Global awakenings and join a team to minister in Londrina, Brazil. 8 went from CSSM. Over the week we saw:-

The team from CSSM saw many healings including breast tumours disappearing, ears opening.

This is the whole team in Brazil!


A team of 8 went to Romania and joined in with The Mission.  The mission are setting up a new work in Romania that is going to help many children and families. The team had chance to do many practical jobs as well as pray in gypsy villages and treasure hunt in Sighorsia.

Testimony from students:-

““Life changing “my Journey of discovery at Celebrate school of supernatural ministry. Wow i feel a completely different person, my relationship with the God head is so deep and real, i have seen God do miracles through my hands and words ” Viv Szpakowski Second year student