To apply for full (day) and part-time (evening- live or online) course use this application form. For the modular courses please see the webpage CSSM Modules.

Please pay the application fee as you apply – go to the website shop to do this. To get discounted fees you need to pay fees in full before 1st September.

Please make sure if applying for evening school that you make it clear if you want live or online options.

There is now the option to apply for the Bradford or Grimsby Hub. Please note that day school is only in Bradford.

Please send any completed paper applications to;


 8 Southlea Close


BD12 7BZ

The application deadline is 27th September for 2021/2022 for all applications for day or evening school

Applications for 2021/22 are open NOW

It is possible to do a verbal application if you have dyslexia or other special needs.  Please contact us to ask about this on

Please note if you are outside the UK you can only apply for the online course.

We do not help people get visas to come into the country – you must arrange this yourself and have proof that you will be in the country before applying to the in person day and evening courses.

Please note that all courses will continue – and will go online if needed. We will be following social distancing guidelines.

If someone applys for live CSSM and then has to quarantine they will be able to swap to online CSSM for the period of quarantine.