Warring with Wisdom Conference Teaching Set by Dawna De Silva

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LIve recordings from the first Warring with Wisdom conference outside the U.S, held in Bradford in September 2019.

We live in a spirtual battle but what does that mean how we practically live and engage in the battle.

This conference with Dawna De Silva looks at what it means to war wisely. How many of us are battle fatigued or feel we come up against similiar issues again and again? How can we break through? How is our body, soul and spirit involved in this battle.

During the sessions we look at the following topics in more detail:-

Warring in your soul and flesh - the difference between warring your soul issues and your flesh

Warring in the Spirit realm - looking at shifting atmospheres

Warring by using the names of God

Warring in your body

Warring with the power of forgiveness

Warring in the mind.

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