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How prepared were you for marriage when you tied the knot and said, "I

do"? How ready were you to live up to the demands of Ephesians 5, verses

20 to 22? "Out of reverence for Christ to be supportive of each other

in love". Many of us weren't. We thought we knew it all and that love

would carry us through, and for many it has, but how much easier life

would have been with a secure foundation to our marriage. That's why

we've produced this. Starting Out really is unlike any other book on

marriage preparation. It's both a manual and a workbook, and whilst its

purpose is to teach, each section also contains a number of challenging

questions to make the couple articulate their individual thinking and

beliefs and to provoke open discussion between them. Written by the team

behind Sozo for Couples, each chapter of Starting Out also includes

Sozo questions for the couple to ask of Father God, the answers to which

should determine the framework for their ongoing relationship and

marriage. Starting Out can be used by the couple working alone, or,

better still, worked through together with the facilitator of their

marriage preparation.

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