Sozo For Couples Foundations: Module 1 and 2 Video teaching

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Buy Sozo for Couples Foundations Modules 1 and 2. Together these two modules provide the teaching needed as part of the process to learing how to do Sozo for Couples sessions. Once you have completed these modules then get in touch to complete the process by being mentored by the Sozo for Couples team.

Module 1 provides the biblical basis for marriage and then applies this to a series of practical topics. The module is suitable for anyone wanting to understand what biblical marriage is and grow in it.

The module also forms the first part of the training package for those who want to train for SfC ministry, and is therefore required learning for prospective SfC ministers.

The topics covered are:-

Session 1: What is a biblical marriage?

Session 2: Communication and dealing with confrontation

Session 3: Dealing with the Past

Session 4 : Honour, Purpose, Sexual intimacy and children

Module 2 looks at how to do a full Sozo for Couples session.

Session 1: Sozo for Couples Process

Session 2: The Sozo for Couples Coaching and Tools

We do recommend that you purchase a Sozo for Couples manual to go alongside these teachings.

The module is taught by:-

Liz Gregg is a church leader in the north of England. She has a heart to see people walking in the fullness of what God has for them and run a supernatural school to enable that. Liz teaches and trains Sozo, Financial Sozo and Sozo for Couples as well as biblical teaching on a number of topics. Liz is the UK Financial Sozo director and a UK Sozo facilitator and trainer. They have three grown children.

Darrell and Anthea Cocup live on the edge of Salisbury Plain in England and have a grown up son, Oli. They have been involved with Bethel Sozo since 2009 and lead the Sozo team at Life Church Bath (formally Bath City Church). They are UK Sozo facilitators and International Bethel Sozo Organisation trainers. Their passion is to teach, train and mentor Sozo teams to use the Sozo tools to achieve the greatest degree of freedom and intimacy with God possible. Their dream is to do this worldwide!

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