Risk Reward and Values: The cause and character of the Kingdom Entrepreneur

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Nick shares from a long and fruitful career in the highest levels of

professional consulting. As a person of faith, his perspective and

conclusions in this book are rare and invaluable. Essential reading for

every Kingdom entrepreneur. Risk, Reward and Values draws from history,

experience and timeless truth to remind you of the point and purpose for

your business. Every founder, owner and manager in companies of any

size or scale will find this book to be a vital asset in the years to

come. --Rev Dr Paul Goodliff, General Secretary, Churches Together in


Over many years Nick Nicholson has successfully led both

an international company and a church, alongside being a husband of one

and father of three. Written in the style of autobiographical

storytelling, the book distils and communicates Nick’s experience of

entrepreneurial leadership linking with his understanding of where God

resides in that process. Each chapter covers his experience of the nuts

and bolts of building and sustaining an organisation that advances the

Kingdom of God. I thoroughly recommend it. --Dr Clive Colledge PhD FRSA,

Academic and TEDx speaker

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