Purpose Train Session

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Purpose Train is a unique tool to help you discover your purpose,

vision, strategy and tactics to enable you to streamline the multitude

of decisions in your life. When we let the urgent things in our lives

dictate what we do, we find our lives frustrating, boring, and

cumbersome. However, when we move from a place of purpose, whether in

our own life, our marriage, our business or our ministry, we bring value

and energy to the things we need to do

Discovering our purpose can sometimes seem a daunting task. During this session, Liz will help you discover your purpose, vision, strategy, and tactics; help you prioritize and cut out unnecessary things in your life; and create a plan that will bring life and motivation back to your life, marriage, ministry, or business

The session is done on an individual or couple basis and last for 1.5 hours.

This can be done face to face or via zoom.

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