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Money is power, and power exaggerates whatever is in the heart.” With these words, Stephen takes us on a journey through the intricacies of the soul and how our spending habits are often shaped by our beliefs. Journey with Stephen as he invites you to become a supernatural steward and watch as God’s goodness invades your life and heals your soul. In this manual, you will:

  • Discover how your beliefs about money are the foundation for your financial health.
  • Identify and remove lies that have kept you in destructive financial cycles.
  • Find out why “just making more money” or “just trying harder” does not fix your life.
  • Learn how to live with intention and purpose.
  • Find out what it means to truly have dominion in your life.

If you have struggled with money in the past, don’t wait. Start living a truly prosperous life right now. Become a PROSPEROUS SOUL!

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