Paul – His life, letters and legacy. Module 1 – the shorts.

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Paul – His life, letters and legacy. Module 1 – the shorts

From star student of a famous teacher to a devout pursuer of those of the ‘Way’ Paul of Tarsus had, and continue to have, an enormous impact on the Christian Church and the world. As the writer of much of the Biblical New Testament he influenced both the thought and practice of the early Church.

This 5 weeks course, delivered by theologically trained and experienced senior Church leader Stuart Gregg, features interactive sessions delivered on line with images, charts and diagrams to bring the Bible to life. Taking a theological approach to the background to and themes from the shorter letters of Paul this course will introduce you to both Paul the man and his major themes in;

  • Galatians
  • Ephesians
  • Colossians
  • Philippians

Each session will be recorded and made available to the course participants along with links to the slides and background information.

The dates for the module are :- 8th, 22nd September, 6th and 20th October, 3rd November 7-9.30pm

If you sign up after the start date you will be sent the video recordings of any sessions already done.

Reviews of Stuart’s last New Testament, Going Deeper with the Gospels, course said;

“Very content-rich, but not taught in a way that was overwhelming. Encouraged interest and deeper study. Having the option to contact the teacher with questions via email was a brilliant resource.”

“Having an overview of the culture of the time, the intention of the gospel writers and the structure they used to convey this was so helpful. It gave me a clearer understanding (I had so many light bulb moments!) and a closer connection to God”

I loved the fact that is was made clear that although this was Bible study, the aim was also an encounter with God Himself through the study of His word. With prayer at the beginning and end of the sessions, I thought this was brilliantly done and made the sessions all the more valuable.”

Dates: 8th, 22nd September, 6th and 20th October, 3rd November 7-9.30pm

Stuart Gregg trained in theology at Oxford University. He has been a senior leader for over 25 years and is able to teach deep biblical truths in practical and applied ways. The teaching is Biblical, spirit filled and interactive.


How will I connect online?

We will send you a zoom link to connect with this module.

Can I transfer my tickets to another module?

Only if that module is the same length and number of sessions

What happens if I can't be there for one session?

Where possible we will give you access to the teaching but that is not always possible.

If I enjoy these sessions can I join in the full CSSM program?

Yes but you need to apply for the full time CSSM school and may have to wait until the next school year. Students who do the full time course access all the modules and the full Bethel curriculum.

Can I do more than one module?

You can do as many modules as you would like to do.

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