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Enjoy this MP3 teaching from Dylan Long from Awakening Europe.

Dylan Long is a young man that burns with a passion for souls to be saved. His desire is for people to not just believe in Jesus but live like Him. For people, young and old, to move from a belief system to a lifestyle.

He was born in Zimbabwe and raised in South Africa with a rich spiritual heritage. He’s a third-generation missionary who attended Bethel Church’s ministry school in Redding, California. It was there that a major shift happened when he heard God ask, "What’s more important to you: Your fear of man or other people’s eternity?” Since then, he lives with people’s eternity in mind and aims to equip the church with that same eternal view.


What is Awakening Europe?

As a ministry, we put on festivals across the nations of the earth that are designed for people to meet Jesus. We are there to facilitate change in the heart of man through prayer and worship meetings, outreaches into cities, and vision-casting for the future. We desire to see a more free world, safer for all people, full of love and peace, where God’s presence and joy is evident in daily life. We believe that more of God in a nation can only create cultural change for the better.

We are an equipping and releasing ministry that works to impart our heart and pass the fire onto others, that they may live boldly for Jesus and transform nations.

Finally, but certainly not least, our main goal is to win people to Jesus. We want to fulfill the Great Commission by preaching the gospel and demonstrating God’s goodness and power. We believe that being a witness should not just be left for the evangelists, but instead every Christian should be representing Jesus whenever and wherever they are as a lifestyle.

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