Going deeper with the Gospels - Video and PowerPoint Sessions

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Special introductory price of £19.99 - live participants paid £40.00

Join Stuart Gregg for this 5 session course - Going deeper in the Gospel course.

Rated 5 out of five by the live participants with feedback comments such as;

"(we) Discovered hidden depths of God's word"

"The quality of the teaching was excellent because of teaching skills of the teacher and because of his very extensive knowledge"

In these 5 sessions series Stuart unpacks the four Biblical Gospels. With charts, graphs, videos and more to bring these essential books to life.

Session 1 - Introduction to the Gospels - who wrote them, how did they compile the material, what does Gospel mean, what was the purpose ? What was the situation that the Gospel writers faced ? Did heresy produce orthodoxy ? Who was Marcion and how did he affect the compiling of the Gospels. Were there other choices available ?

Session 2 - Matthew. Meet the new law giver.

Session 3 - Mark. A King like no other.

Session 4 - Luke. Come close and meet compassion.

Session 5 - John. Becoming loved.

Stuart Gregg trained in theology at Oxford University. He has been a senior leader for over 25 years and is able to teach deep biblical truths in practical and applied ways. The teaching is Biblical, spirit filled and interactive.

If you enjoy these sessions why not sign up for one of the modules Stuart is doing such as Paul:His life, letters and Legacy. Details on https://celebratesupernaturalschool.org.uk/modules...

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