Faith Blatchford teaching on AWE (MP3)

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This MP3 Teaching is a recording of Faith's session teaching on awe at Celebrate School of Supernatural Minsitry. On the evening she did a question time if you want the questions please buy the video teaching also available on the store.

Faith Blatchford explore the topic of awe, she looks at the science behind awe and the benefical impact that it has on our lives. Faith is a great biblical and theological teacher and so delves into awe in the bible and the gives practical steps for us to develop awe in our lives.

We felt prompted to invite Faith Blatchford to speak as she has been on a journey of discovering more about God's wonder and awe. In this season we feel it is a key to navigating what God wants to do. Her newest book God of wonder is about this topic and is due to be published in March 2021. We feel that this is a word in season.

Faith Blatchford is passionate about the Presence of God. Whether through her teaching, preaching, prophesying, counseling, coaching or just living life, her desire is for people to encounter the Presence of God as powerfully as Moses, who saw Him face to face. Her goal is not simply for a person to have an encounter, but to establish a deep connection with their Heavenly Father. She brings the hope and faith necessary to break free of wounds, fears, and lies that can hinder that intimate relationship with Father God

Faith is the Founder and President of non-profit organization Age To Come. Hebrews 6:5 best describes the aim of the corporation, which is to share "the goodness of the word of God and the power of the Age to Come." Since its founding, Faith has traveled to many nations including England, France, Germany, Norway, South Africa, Canada, Singapore, as well as all over the United States. No matter the event or the language, the message is the same: God is a good and loving Father whose delight is His children and whose desire is that they know the fullness of His love.

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