The Youth Intern Programme is designed for 16-18 year olds who want to step into their full identity in God and learn how to be naturally supernatural. The young person is able to access the full teaching of CSSM alongside serving at the school.

The Youth intern programme:-

  • Access to the full CSSM teaching
  • Involvement in revival groups to help activate the teaching
  • Support from CSSM staff and revival group leaders
  • Learn to serve by helping with specific roles on a Thursday evening (help with setup/ tear down, computer, registration, admin etc)
  • The opportunity to put the teaching into practice
  • Mission trips with parental permission

The Youth intern programme has two streams:-

  1. The Full Youth intern – gets all the above benefits at a reduced cost for youth. Is expected to do some homework and 4 outreaches
  2. The Youth Intern – gets all the above benefits but is not expected to do any homework and only has to do 2 outreaches.

The cost:-

  • The full Youth Intern programme cost – £145 (or if paid by 1st September £95)
  • The Youth Intern programme cost – £95 (or if paid by 1st September £55)

Please note the cost does not include books or mission trips

The Youth intern programme is only available for our Bradford evening school. It is available for either the live or online options.

If a young person would like to join the intern programme but is experiencing financial hardship we ask that you contact us and let us know. Email:

Application process

The young person needs to fill in the online (or paper) application form for CSSM (or do an audio application)

The application fee is £25 (non returnable) which will be applied to fees if accepted.

The fees can be paid by installment throughout the year.

If a young person recommends a friend and they are accepted on the intern programme you will get a £25 reduction in your fees.

We also need the parent to fill in a consent form for the young person, if under 18.

Once the form has been received there is a short interview with one of the CSSM staff.