NEW DATES for Modules 2021/22 are now available – Please book below.

We are offering modules. It is possible to sign on for one or more of these modules or multiple modules. All the modules will include teaching and live discussions. Some of these modules will be available online as well as live.

The modules include:


This module will be taught live by Stuart Gregg but is only available online.

From star student of a famous teacher to a devout pursuer of those of the ‘Way’ Paul of Tarsus had, and continue to have, an enormous impact on the Christian Church and the world. As the writer of much of the Biblical New Testament he influenced both the thought and practice of the early Church.

This 5 weeks course, delivered by theologically trained and experienced senior Church leader Stuart Gregg, features interactive sessions delivered on line with images, charts and diagrams to bring the Bible to life. Taking a theological approach to the background to and themes from the shorter letters of Paul this course will introduce you to both Paul the man and his major themes in;

  • Galatians
  • Ephesians
  • Colossians
  • Philippians

Each session will be recorded and made available to the course participants along with links to the slides and background information.

This first of 2 modules on Paul, the apostle. The module will explore Pauls life, his conversion, the missionary journey’s and the letters that he wrote. Taking a deep dive into the themes and topics in the letters.

Dates: 8th, 22nd September, 6th and 20th October, 3rd November 7-9.30pm


Intimacy and idenity are two sides of the same coin. The more you understand your indentity in Christ the closer to Him you will grow, the more you grow closer in intimacy the more you will grow in idenity.

This module will look at what it means to be sons and daughters of God and how to grow in connection with God as our Father. This course will not just increase your knowledge of who you are but deepen your experince as a son or daughter with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.

This module includes live teaching by Liz Gregg church leader, Sozo faciliator and trainer and CSSM leader, DVD teaching by Danny Silk, Kris Vallotton and other Bethel teachers. It will look at how to encounter Father’s love, how to understand your identity as a prince, to hear God’s voice and walk-in intimacy.

This module is done live at Holme URC Church Madison Avenue, Bradford BD4 9RY

Dates for this module are: 12th, 19th October and 2, 9th, 16th and 23rd November 10-12.30.


In this four-session module Stuart Gregg invites us to see from the perspective of the theme that Jesus talks most about in the New Testament; the Kingdom of God.

In the first talk, Stuart inspires us to see that the Kingdom of God is the dominant theme of the New Testament. In the second talk, Stuart takes a Kingdom perspective of the atonement. In the third talk, Stuart asks what a Kingdom view of the future of our bodies is. In the final talk, Stuart gives us a Kingdom view of the end of the world. With theological and Biblical insights, humour and application Stuart teaches with authority and accuracy.

These session will start with worship, will include teaching and opportunity for discussion and questions.

Dates for this module: 21st October, 9th and 18th November and 2nd December 10am-12.30am

This module is available as online sessions, please choose the type of session you require when booking.


In this module the following will be covered:

What is prophetic art? This module will look at the importance of presence rather than performance. Intimacy with God, blockages to creativity, Prophetic meaning of colours. Importance of compassion when prophesying over others (encouraging, comforting, edifying). Use of imagination – good / bad.

Week 1 Hearing the still, small voice of God (Hearing God for ourselves)

Week 2 Hearing God for others

Week 3 Painting as worship

This module will be primarily experiential (ie. painting) with a small amount of live teaching by Suzi Irwin and Kim Wade.

You do not have to be artistic to enjoy this module.

All materials are covered in this module. We do recommend that you wear clothes you dont mind getting paint on, as acyllic paints are used. Please bring your own apron

The module is only avilable in person in a covid safe environment

Dates 3, 10th and 17th November 1.30-3.30pm

The Prophetic Module

What is Prophecy? What is the difference between OT and NT Prophecy? How do we learn to prophecy? Whats the purpose of it?

This module will explore prophecy and activate you in being able to use prophecy. It will look at the difference between foretelling and forth-telling, the difference between old and new testament prophecy, what is a the prophetic office and how we can all prophesy. There will be the opportunity alongside the teaching to be practice prophecy in a safe environment.

This module will be taught by Liz and Stuart Gregg, there will also be DVD teaching by Kris Vallotton.

The module is taught over 6 weeks and we encourage you to do all 6 weeks. This module is live at Holme URC Church.

Dates for this module are 30th November, 7th & 14th December, 4th, 11th and 18th January 10am-12.30

Other modules that will be available soon;

Bible Courses – Old Testament / New Testament

These bible modules will outline Kingdom theology picking up the big picture and themes of the bible in a practical and relevant way.

All the teaching on this course will be done live by Stuart Gregg.

Outreach and Mission

This module will have teaching that runs alongside practical outreaches which will allow the students to put into practice what is learnt. The teaching will be DVD teaching by

Please note students who sign up for the full-time school will receive all these modules, plus the Full Bethel curriculum.